Online Course Public makers is almost done

Online Course Public makers is almost done

Partners are working hard on creation of online educational course Public makers. Enrolment is foreseen sometime in the beginning of the next year.

Despite the effect that corona crisis had on most of international projects (everything went online), our international consortium has managed to meet on sight in Rijeka on our third transnational project meeting. Ok, not all partners managed to come, but most of did meet in Rijeka, a beautiful costal Croatian town that is this years’ European Capital of Culture. We discussed a lot of important topics for our project, but most important was online educational course Public makers, whose development is at its final stage.

The course Public makers will have 4 modules: (1) Ways of thinking, (2) Ways of working, (3) Tools of work and (4) Living in the community.

The first module will give an introduction to the open data to its students. Visualisation of the data and its accessibility are the topics that will be covered in the second module.

How to use open data tools and sources to create a change in the community is what will the students of the Public makers course find out in the third module.

Last but not least – the fourth module will be focused on the lobbying for change.

We are preparing some great open badges for the course participants, but to know more about them you will have to follow us in future.